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    IRS Audit Defense

    When you receive an IRS audit notice, our experienced tax attorney can represent you throughout the audit process. We review the audit notice details and gather relevant documents to build your case. During the audit, we communicate with the IRS on your behalf to present supporting evidence in the best light. Our goal is to negotiate with the IRS auditors to minimize any additional tax liability or penalties. If the audit does not go your way, we can appeal the audit results through the IRS appeals process.

    Offers in Compromise

    If you owe back taxes that you cannot fully pay at once, we can advise you on submitting an offer in compromise to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount owed. We will analyze your financial records to determine a reasonable settlement offer amount based on the IRS's formulas. We will complete the Form 656 Offer application and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to potentially obtain approval. If your offer is initially rejected, our tax attorney can appeal the decision and negotiate further with the IRS.

    Installment Agreements

    Facing challenges in paying your full tax bill upfront? We can create personalized IRS-approved installment plans that align with your financial situation, making it more manageable and stress-free. We will submit the installment agreement application and documentation, advising on the optimal payment terms based on your financial situation. If the IRS initially denies your request, our tax attorney can negotiate alternate installment agreement terms and appeal any rejection.

    Tax Court Litigation

    If you receive an unfavorable IRS notice of deficiency, notice of determination, or other ruling, our tax attorney can help you appeal it. We will file a petition on your behalf with the U.S. Tax Court before the 90-day deadline articulating strong legal arguments. Our experienced attorney will represent you through pre-trial procedures, settlement conferences, and the trial itself, if necessary. We will make sure your voice is heard, your rights protected, and your case persuasively presented. If the outcome is still unfavorable, we can assist you in appealing the Tax Court ruling. Our in-depth tax law expertise allows us to vigorously advocate for you when disputing IRS determinations.

    Liens, Levies and Seizures

    Are IRS collection issues causing you financial stress? Our experienced tax attorney assists with all aspects of resolving IRS collection issues including liens, levies and seizures. We also help clients apply for Certificates of Discharge to remove assets from under liens or Certificates of Subordination to enable borrowing against assets. Our attorney can handle the entire resolution process from submitting appeals and negotiating with the IRS to the removal of improper liens, levies and seizures. We aim to prevent further enforcement while developing solutions you can manage.

    Unfiled Tax Returns

    Is the weight of unfiled tax returns from past years holding you back? Don’t worry as we will compile the necessary financial records and communicate with you to complete accurate past-year returns. Getting the unfiled returns submitted quickly can help avoid IRS failure-to-file penalties and ongoing interests. Filed returns also enable access to tax resolutions like audit reconsiderations, payment plans, or offer settlements. Our tax attorney will ensure filing complete and accurate past-due returns to get you in IRS compliance.

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